India Cultural Tour Cancelled

Craft Tour West Bengal

Due to the impact of COVID 19 the

Craft Culture and Cuisine Tour -  West Bengal- Nov 2020

has been cancelled.

In response to Covid 19 and Cyclone Amphan I am selling a 100 prints. The funds will go to # Givealittle #Ektu deen a group of like-minded friends, journalists, artists, writers amongst others that is trying to crowdsource funds

  • (a) deliver relief within the Covid lockdown limitations the aftermath of cyclone Amphan;
  • (b) raise funds to buy provisions and medicines;
  • (c) provide clear information about which sectors need help,
  • (d) ensure  support and food for workers stuck in other states; 
  • (e)  fund the return of migrant workers to their villages
If you would like to support my fundraiser you can purchase the print in my shop before June 5th. 

If you would like to donate directly you can contact Aditi Roy Ghatak through